How to check the health status of the car before a vacation?
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Nobody knows better than yourself how much pressure one is under right before a vacation. The first thing that worries you is packing. While you are still trying to work that out, you start getting jittery about housekeeping in your absence. Once everything is done and dusted, you can enjoy your vacation in peace. At least that is what you believe. But, hey, think again. Have you missed out on something? How much more stupid can you get if you have failed to spare a thought for the car.


If you don't want the vehicle to leave you stranded somewhere on a highway, you must ensure it undergoes a health check-up in advance. Is it possible to carry out a self-assessment? It would be ideal for the car to be assessed by a professional hand who can identify a few defective parts to be replaced. But what if you don't want the car to start burning a hole in your wallet even before the holiday has begun? We have a checklist that you can work on all by yourself without professional help:

(1) Check fluid levels
Liquids such as coolant, windshield washer fluid and the oil level should be checked regularly.
(2) Check the lighting system

Turn signals, headlights, high beam and brake lights should work optimally while on holiday. In many countries, penalties for defective lighting are extremely high. Simply check the function of your lights and buy cheap halogen bulbs from ATP Auto Parts if necessary.

(3) Clean the windshield and other windows

Special cleaners ensure a clear view, especially in summer when there is pollen dust and insect residues. In the ATP online shop you will find window cleaners for summer.

(4) Check air conditioning

In midsummer, during the main holiday season, the heat in the car is unbearable. Especially when you are stuck in traffic jams, as a driver you should make sure you drink enough. A functioning air conditioning system is also worth its weight in gold at such moments.

(5) Check tire tread and air pressure

Be sure to also check the spare tires (all season tires/ all weather tires) so that you have a perfect car in case of an emergency. But be careful: with the air pressure also pay attention to the maximum weight!


Never embark on a vacation in your car without carrying out a prior assessment. Vacations are meant to be fun, don't allow an errant car to play spoilsport. It is very important that when you return from your annual/half-yearly holiday, you feel sufficiently refreshed to face all the challenges that life has in store for you. But frequent vehicle failures could turn your vacation into a nightmare instead.

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