Be winter ready with car care tips

It's winter and now, and Europeans go into winter mode for the next few months. As per many predictions, it is going to be a tough one. And driving along the winter roads could be a more daunting one.  Seasons come and go, but responsibilities stay.  To be prepared for the worst could be psychologically correct, but being prepared to be comfortable and safe on winter roads could be far better. The following are some winter care tips that could help you save the embarrassing and irritating experience of stranded in the middle of nowhere on a cold winter day or night.
·         Check tires daily
Every day before getting into the car, check your tires. It could take a few seconds but could save the day for you. Check for air pressure in your winter tiresand your SUV winter tiresfor any severe baldness and for untoward things stuck with it to be safe on the road. .
·         Service vehicles regularly
It is better to do a car serviced before the winter gets worse. Changing oil, replacing fuel filters, transmission oil replacement, wheel balancing with a water wash could make you ready for the winter with a smile.  
·         Heater & defroster service
Many parts of Europe are again set to have freezing temperatures this winter. Hence before it a start, servicing the heater and defroster is crucial.  Like air conditioning in summer, heaters keep you comfortable and fully functional during winter. Defrosters provide you with better visibility during the frosting days.  Checking heaters core with optimum cooling level, faulty blower fan, or a busted thermostat could help you to chill out during this winter rides.
·         Fill fuel tanks frequently
Winter drives can make you lazy and tired, but that should not stop you from filling your vehicle tanks with fuel. It is because, during winter, the moisture in the vehicle system may cause severe damage to the fuel lines and injectors. Hence not only to save the time of repairs, but it will also keep your wallet with enormous costs for setting them right again.
Light up your lights
Winter comes with fogs on the road, whether you like it or not.  Driving through those thick fogs on the European roads is like driving blind. Only proper headlights could save you from accidents during this winter. Check your fog lights for high and low beam functioning. Also, the lenses to be free of any haze or scratches, and the clips are with proper electrical connections.
Battery blues
Check for voltage drops, especially when your vehicle is more than four years old. Winter temperatures could have their impact on the battery also, and taking care of it is essential.
Winter Wax
Winter corrodes vehicle paint your vehicle as moisture builds upon its surface, leading to rust and oxidation.  Adding to it, the rising air pollution and corrosive elements could eat up your car paint fast. Hence waxing it before deep winter sets in most of Europe is the need of the hour.
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